Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss Review

by admin on April 7, 2013

Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss Review: Is it really possible to tap into evolution to lose the Fat?  We Expose the Real Truth about Kyle Leon’s New Customized Option.

There’s no doubting that Kyle Leon very obviously knows what he’s talking about, after all – you only need to take a look at him to realize that.  But is this simply due to being able to concentrate on his body 24/7?  After all, it’s his job, and if fitness was your employment you’d be able to work on it all day aswell, wouldn’t you?

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So let’s strip away all the sales bull, and see if it really is what it’s billed to be – or if customized fat loss is just more of the ‘same old same old’ that we’ve all got used to seeing churned out on a regular basis.

What do you get for your money?

Customized Fat Loss works on the principle that no two of us are the same.  Each of us has evolved with a different genetic blueprint that means our bodies process nutrients differently.  This means that it’s impossible for a generic diet plan to work for everyone.  Kyle Leon prides himself on bringing the most advanced, up-to-date scientific knowledge to us all, and that’s what Customized Fat Loss is all about.

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Using the very latest science, the system works by using Somato Specific Nutrition.  Research has shown that not only are there the three basic body types – ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph – but there are a whole bunch more as well.  And the reason most other fat busting nutrition and exercise regimes don’t work as well as Customized Fat Loss is that they are running on outdated science.

Using this cutting edge data, the program brings you the following:

  • The Customized Fat Loss system. Using this you will quickly identify your exact body type.  The system then takes every other individual aspect of your body into account – including age, weight, sex and height, and comes up with a truly personalized nutrition program that is unique only to you.  The customized weight loss plans out your meals and tells you exactly when to eat them.  This person specific system takes away the guess work of nutrition – and by balancing when, where and how you eat means that the fat drops away but you don’t sacrifice any lean body fat! You’ll get a personalized tracker, so you can easily keep an eye on your progress, along with simple to understand charts and graphs to explain what is going on with your body.
  • Customized Fat Loss Training – a 12 week training plan that is truly designed to go along with the fat loss system.  Here you’ll learn the exact exercise necessary to maximize the amount of fat you lose – from the amount of sets and reps to rest periods and water use.
  • Customized Fat Loss Supplementation.  This great bonus blows the lid off the truth about supplements.  Here you’ll learn exactly which types to avoid – and there’s a lot – and the ones that will actually do something towards getting you to your fitness goals.
  • Customized Fat Loss Unlimited Upgrades.  This means that as science continues to advance, if Kyle Leon sees fit to upgrade the system at any time in the future – then these upgrades will come winging their way to your computer – absolutely free.
  • Peak in a Week. This added Customized Fat Loss bonus is a body sculpting, one week program that will have your body looking more ripped and toned than it actually is.  So if you need to prepare yourself for that special event or occasion – then in a week’s time you really can have your body looking even better than it does already.

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Who is Customized Fat Loss For?

At last!  A body-builder-quality nutrition program that is aimed at everyone.  Customized Fat Loss works whatever your age, level of fitness and however much fat you have to lose.  Women and men, boys and girls, fat or thin, young or old – that’s the beauty of having a system that is truly personalized.  There are no caveats, no exemptions and no worries that you’re going to be purchasing something that is completely unsuitable for you.

Who is Kyle Leon of Customized Fat Loss?

Kyle is probably most famous for being a highly successful fitness model, but what many people fail to realize is that he’s now a force to be reckoned with in the field of fitness nutrition.  After struggling for years to drop off those final few pounds of fat without sacrificing any lean muscle, Kyle decided it was time to take matters into his own hands.  Not only did he study with some of the best body building and fitness professionals in the world, but he also took advice from some of the most talented nutritionists as well.  Only by combining the two together has he managed to forge a career at the very top of the fitness model world.  He now uses this incredible amount of knowledge to help others achieve their goals as well.  His other best selling muscle building program is called Somanbolic Muscle Maximizer.

The Pros

  • Customized Fat Loss does exactly what it says on the tin!  This means that not only does it provide you with an individual program, but it grows with you.  As your fitness goals change, Customized Fat Loss changes as well.
  • Computer based, not only is the program easy to follow, but as it’s accessed online it means that you can consult it at any time, from wherever you may be in the world!
  • There are lots of options – each customizable to your individual needs.
  • The program doesn’t make you stick to ‘rigid rules.’  Kyle appreciates that you’re an adult who has a life – and because of this there are meal options that you can fit in around a busy working day.

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The Cons

  • OK, so you didn’t honestly think that this would work without putting in the exercise effort as well, did you?  To see true results you’re going to have to get your butt down the gym, or fit in some kind of sport and fitness as well to get the body you desire.
  • Motivation is a key issue here.  If you don’t have it to start off with, no program in the world is going to be able to create it for you.  So you do need to ensure that you’re sufficiently motivated before you begin.

The Bottom Line

Begrudgingly – it’s always begrudgingly because we do our best to find holes in products such as these – we have to admit that Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss is a winner.  There is no doubting the science behind this, and yes – it really is something new that most other nutrition plans currently on the market fail to take into account.  After all, each and every one of us is unique, so it’s actually pretty obvious that generic plans are not going to work for most people.

Customized Fat Loss is a way to get your hands on the kind of advice that is usually only available to the super-rich and famous.  So, with some effort on your behalf, this program really will have you stripping off on the beach without a care in the world.  Well done Kyle!

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